By Lily Richardson

he Trainer Invitational a schooling show that kicks off the year and helps riders of all ages get back into the show flow. It helps you and your horse prepare for the upcoming show season. But it’s also much more! This show is beneficial for both WSQHA and the Youth Club, an opportunity to raise money, membership and sponsor the Horseplay youth run show in March.

This show benefits trainers and riders because they may have to wait a few months until the horse show season is back. “It’s an inexpensive way to prepare and school for the show season. The opportunity to be able to do the same pattern twice allows us to fine tune and correct our mistakes,” says Lisa Gardner, show office manager.

“The Trainer Invitational benefits me as a rider because it allows me to go through the patterns more than once and school my horse so that it’s not just a one time ‘make it or break it’ deal and my horse and I can both learn and become better, says Anwyn Deeks, Region One Director and Youth Club President.

Getting back into the flow isn’t just for riding. Putting your tail in, remembering what to pack, making sure your show clothes still fit, or learning new patterns, it all comes together at the Trainer Invitational.

“The Trainer show gives our members a closed, safe venue to prepare for the show season. We reach out to our younger trainers as well as other breeds to bring together all factions of our horse community. This show also helps us bring in the operating funds for our show season. Airfare insurance deposits and awards make a big dent in our general fund prior to a show,” says Lisa. Welcoming different breeds is a great opportunity to see the differences between breed shows, highlight our club and make new friends.

The Trainer Invitational show also benefits WSQHYA. “This show allows us to see our members, gather new memberships and offers a great schooling environment. It also helps our board members (who run this show as volunteers) understand the basics for running a horse show,” says Lisa.

“This show benefits youth because it gives us a chance to promote our Horseplay show. And it also gives us the opportunity and experience of volunteering in the office if you aren’t showing,” says Anwyn. It is always important to promote the horse shows because the when the public can see what we are doing, our membership can grow. “We are able to donate ten percent of our profit to the AQHA Professional Horseman Crisis Fund,” says Lisa.

Being invited to participate in this show is a great opportunity for trainers and their clients. It’s a schooling show, an opportunity to raise funds, increase memberships, make new friends, and get back into the show flow!