WSQHA Horse Crazy Youth Project

Horse Crazy Application

Do you have a child who is drawn to horses like a magnet but it just hasn’t been an option for your family financially? Horseback riding lessons and horse activities in general are an extremely costly endeavor but there is nothing else like it on the planet! If you have a “horse crazy” kid in the 4th grade or higher and you meet our requirements for this program, this is for you!

This project is a memorial fund in honor of two wonderful horsewomen, Jamie Solomon and Corinna Girling.  Both were lifelong horse lovers, accomplished AQHA competitors and members of WSQHA who lost courageous battles with cancer. The program, funded through private donations and WSQHA, will provide financial support for young aspiring riders from families of limited income. It will pay for riding lessons and/or lease opportunities at an approved facility within close proximity to the applicant. WSQHA will assist in finding an approved instructor with school horses in your area and set up a lesson plan that works for everyone. We will also assist in obtaining an approved safety helmet and riding boots for your lessons if needed.

Eligibility and Program Requirements:

1.    Gross yearly household income of under $40,000
2.    Rider must be in the 4th grade or higher in school
3.    Must be able to provide own transportation to and from an approved instructor in your area
4.    A written essay paragraph with application
5.    Keep a written journal of riding time to be turned in to a WSQHA “Barn Buddy”
6.    Written horse knowledge tests completed by the end of your eligibility year  

Program Sponsors:  Dave Girling  Tracy Adams  The Hamer Family( Brass Ring Farms)  WSQHYA WSQHYA Horse Play Youth Show  Connie Marvik