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Lily Richardson

Lily Richardson

My name is Lily Richardson and my horse’s name is Riley (AKA A Natural Dancer). My trainer is Paige Stroud in Monroe, WA.

I started riding through my grandparents, they have always had horses and they booked my first lesson! I have been riding and showing ever since, it has been ten years.

My favorite classes are Horsemanship, Hunt Seat Equitation and Western Riding, those are my most competitive classes.

Riley and I have been together for three weeks!! I have been showing my other horse Ella (A Classy Chex) all year and qualified for the Youth World Show.

Outside of the barn I ride for my high school team, Cedarcrest Equestrian Team. We recently went to our State competition where I won two gold medals and a bronze medal. Our team finished strong. I have also run Cross Country and volunteered at the local art center. My favorite subjects in school are math and science.

My role models are my Mom and my Trainer. They both help me grow and achieve my goals.

My goals right now are to get to know Riley and show as much as I can this summer. I’m looking forward to the Summer Classic, EMO, and the Youth World Show. I am also the Vice President of WSQHYA and looking forward to attending YES in Texas this summer.

Isabelle Laguna

Isabelle Laguna

My name is Isabella Laguna. My horse’s name is Lydia, (AKA A Passin Touch) and Roxy, (AKA Unforgettable Ralph).

My mom first put me up on a horse for a trail ride. I have been showing for 11 years. My trainers are my mom and Kate Sharkey for jumping.

I enjoy competing in Ranch Riding because it has quite a few different paces and it has an interesting rhythm. I have been with my horses for my whole life they are about the same age as me.

Outside of the barn I enjoy cross country and playing with my animals. My favorite subjects in school are Science, Spanish, and Choir.

If my horses could talk one would say, “Just give me food” and the other one would say “OH MY GOSH!! WHAT IS THAT?!?!



My idol is Clinton Anderson because he is very gentle and kind when training his horses but is still strict.

What are your goals this show season?

My goals this show season are to become a better Ranch Pleasure rider and to show in the jumper ring. I started jumping with my horse Roxy, and I love it!

Chiana McInelly

Chiana McInelly

My name is Chiana McInelly and my horse’s name is J.D., or BCM Legendary Asset. We have been partners in crime for about five years now. I train with Sarah Diamond.

I have been showing since I was about eight years old, but this will only be my third season showing AQHA. I got into horses through my older sister, who showed in 4-H when I was growing up, and I spent my first horse years doing dressage, 4-H, and a little jumping.

My favorite class is Trail. I enjoy Trail the most because it provides a new challenge each show, and is more unbiased in the judging. I really appreciate the feeling of coming out a pattern clean! I am also getting more into Horsemanship this year, though it is still pretty new to me.

Outside of the barn, I enjoy painting and art in general. My favorite subject in school is history, because of how relatable people throughout history can be.

I would say I have quite a few idols, including my parents and my trainer, but one in particular is a lady named Marion O’Connor, who I took some dressage lessons from in the past. Marion moved here from Germany and worked her way up in the dressage world, with lots of trial and error along the way. I especially admire Marion for her toughness and commitment to continued learning, even after reaching success.

My goals this show season are to continue to sharpen my Showmanship, and focus on my Horsemanship!

Victoria Leen

Victoria Leen

My name is Victoria Leen and my horse’s name is Imseein Double (AKA Luke). I’ve been riding Luke since 2016, and my other horse, Platinum, I’ve been riding since 2017. My trainer is Jeff Burley.

I got started in showing by watching my nanny’s niece who showed, and I fell in love with horses.

I have been riding for over ten years, and showing for five. My favorite class to compete in is Over Fences because of the adrenaline rush.

Outside of the barn I love photography and running. In school my favorite subject is science for sure since I’m a science major! I have lived in Washington State my whole life, but I am currently living in Bolder Colorado and attending the University of Colorado.

If my horse could talk, Luke would say, “If you’re not going to pet me, let me nap!” Platinum would say, “Yes, I’m old. No, I don’t act like it.”

My idol is Simone Biles because of her passion, work ethic and drive.

My goal in 2018 is to have fun, work hard and meet new people.

Leah Anderson

Leah Anderson

My name is Leah Anderson and my horse’s name is Gun Powder N Smoke (AKA Scotty). My trainers are Mike and May Edwards in Monroe, WA.

I got started in showing because my older sister showed in AQHA and I thought it was cool. I’ve been showing in Quarter Horses for over 3 years. My favorite class is Horsemanship, I love the complexity and challenge of each pattern.

In school I am involved with DECA and run Cross Country and I love Spanish class.

My idols are my parents, they always support me and have provided me amazing opportunities.

If my horse could talk, he’s say, “I just want to sleep!” And he loves his candy canes!

My goal in 2018 is to show at the Ford AQHA Youth World Show.

Sheridan Baringer

Sheridan Baringer

My name is Sheridan Baringer and my horse’s name is Invita Duke. My trainer is Paige Stroud in Monroe, WA. I started with Paige when I was 5 and did my first lead line class on Duke at the NW Emerald in 2012. Duke and I have competed the last 2 years together and I look forward to many more!

I got started in riding because of my Great Grandma, Grandma, Mom, and Aunt all rode and loved horses. My Grandma Kay thought I would never ride a horse after Duke stepped on my foot when I was 2 years old and ended up in the emergency room. It wasn’t Duke’s fault; my brother didn’t know what the sound of a whip would do to a horse!

I recently started working with Dean McCann doing working cow horse. I feel lucky to get the chance to ride the “Flossinator”/Flossy.

My favorite classes are Showmanship, Horsemanship and English Equitation. I like to compete in these classes because Duke does patterns well and I love the challenge. Someday I hope to get the chance to participate in a working cow horse competition too.

Outside of horses I like to play basketball, travel, visit my family in Montana, and spend time with friends. My favorite subject in school is social studies.

My Aunt, Kelly Lake, and Graysen Stroud are both of my idols. I’ve learned so much from both of them and hope I can follow in their footsteps. My goals this show season are #1: To compete at the 13 and Under level and #2: Hit my diagonal without looking!

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