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Riley Dosa

riley dosa

My name is Riley Dosa and my gelding’s registered name is “Red Hot Cierra”, but we call him Wesley at home. I began riding once I moved here from Tennessee which was about four years ago. I was a junior councilor at a summer camp that just so happened to involve horses, and I guess the love for them grew from that point on!

I train with Teresa Sullivan of Sullivan Performance Horses, in Monroe, WA. I began riding four years ago, and began showing around a year into it.

I show in the all around events, so it’s hard for me to pick a single favorite class, but I’m partial to the Equitation and Horsemanship. Although, Western Riding is definitely Wesley’s specialty.

I purchased Wesley back in September of 2016 from Patterson Performance.

Horses up in Ontario, Canada. Sadly, I did not begin riding him until November of 2016 due him being involved in a horrific trailering accident. After what felt like years of being in and out of the vet hospital, sleepless nights, and lots of tears, Wesley has had an amazing recovery.

Outside of being at the barn, I like to read basically any type of book and hang out with my friends. My favorite subject in school is English by far.

I have two major idols in my life. My trainer, Teresa Sullivan, and my mom, Geri Dosa. These women have made the biggest impact on my life and I can’t thank them enough. They’re both one of the most hardworking people I’ve met. Teresa will come back from judging a three week long show and won’t take a single day off. She hops back onto the schedule like she never missed a beat, and be in the day she gets back. My mom will take me to school, work a twelve hour day, take me to the barn, run errands, take me home, make the family dinner, do the house chores, and do just about anything I ask on top of that. Both of these women work till no end and you will never hear them complaining, but asking what more they can do to help. Teresa pushes me farther and farther, not just in my riding abilities, but in who I am as a person. She does not tolerate lack of try, nor the acceptance of failure. My mom has taught me that no matter what, giving up is never the answer. She builds me up, but demands humbleness. These women have made me the well-rounded woman I am today. Teresa has the best sense of humor and most encouraging words. She lets me know how I could be better, but praises me for how far I’ve come. When you hear her whistling in the show pen, it’s the best thing you could ever imagine. My mom is my best friend. We completely get each other and are sarcastic to no extent. We joke and we play around all the time. The best feeling was when I won the L1 Youth HUS at Las Vegas and I looked over to her and she’s standing there by the in gate with the biggest smile and eyes filled with tears and she hugged me and said she’d never been prouder because no matter the placing, she could see the try within me. These two women continue to astonish me every day with their work ethic, patience, and their goofy selves. These two women are none other than my idols.

“What else do you want people to know about know you?” I have an RBF, but I’m super nice, so if you ever just want to come up and talk to me, go ahead. I promise I’m really nice once you get passed the initial facial expression!

My goals this season were to work hard and push for better. I’m really looking forward to a fun show year next year!





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