2016 Youth Bio - Lily Richardson

Lily Richardson

lily richardson
My name is Lily Richardson and I am 13 years old. My horse's name is Dee (AKA Chips Heart) we've been together for more than three years but I've been riding most of my life.

My trianer is Paige Stroud in Monroe, WA. I've been with Paige for seven years and I've been showing for six years.

My favorite classes to compete in are Trail, Showmanship, and Horsemanship. I love pattern classes and think they are fun and exciting. Dee and I also like Western Riding.

In school I run Cross Country and love to read. My favorite subjects are science and social studies. I love to learn about history and I am always interested in anything involving science.

Dee's favorite treats include a lot of things! She loves Wheat Thins, gold fish, candy canes, apples and of course carrots. She also likes to lick the salt off of tater totts. If Dee could talk she would probably say, "If you are going to stand near me you should probably give me treats too!"

My idol is my Mom. If it weren't for her I would not have been able to make it this far into my passion of riding and showing. I love her with all my heart. She always does so much for me and she never asks for anything in return. My other idol is Paige Stroud. Paige has taught me so much about horses. She never doubts me.

I love being a part of the WSQHYA! I'm on the marketing / newsletter committee and love seeing everyone at the shows and meetings. My goal this show season is to do the best I can in the Novice Championships in Las Vegas, and to have a fun and successful season in 2016!

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