2016 Youth Bio - Alyssa Hill

Alyssa Hill


My name is Alyssa Hill and my horse’s name is So Noticed (AKA Danny). Danny and I have been together since January of 2015.

I've always been interested in horses ever since I was a little girl, and one year my parents let me attend a three day horse camp when I was 8 years old. After that, I knew I wanted to start taking riding lessons. After a lot of convincing and begging, my parents gave in and allowed me to start lessons.

My trainers are Kip Larson and Michael Davis and I have been under their guidance for about 3 years now. I cannot thank the both of them enough for all they have done for Danny and me!

I have been riding for about 11 years and showing for 7 years.

While I love all the classes at horse shows, I would have to say Trail and Equitation are by far my two favorites! I love Trail because Danny rides over the poles so smoothly. There's no better feeling than having a perfect Trail pattern where you didn't hit any logs. I also love Equitation because I have always been a stronger Hunt Seat rider due to my past horses all being Hunters. Equitation is the class I ride most confidently.

Outside of the barn, I have a passion for hiking and exploring the outdoors. I never realized how beautiful Washington State was until I began exploring new places almost every other weekend during the summer. My favorite hike from last summer was probably up to a lake called Gem Lake. My friend and I made this hike a 15 mile round trip hike in one day, and the views along the way were breathtaking.

My favorite subject in school would have to be science, specifically human anatomy and/or physiology. I find the human body very fascinating, and it was so much fun learning about how bodies react to certain things and why. This is one of the many reasons I aspire to be a nurse.

If Danny could talk, I'm not sure exactly what he would say, but I think he would sound like Bubba Gump from the movie Forrest Gump because he just has a dorky personality. Sometimes he can be a little slow... if you know what I mean! He's a doofus with a big heart.

Whenever I get Starbucks, I get a berry refresher, and they come with freeze died raspberries inside the drink. When I finish my drink I usually give Danny the berries. He loves them! Sometimes if he's lucky, I'll give him some of the drink too.

There are many different people that I am inspired by, but I'll choose to write about my dad. My dad is by far one of the most hardworking, dedicated people there is. He has taught me to never give up in anything I do, whether it's showing horses or applying to colleges.

Next show season, I hope to be able to add Western Riding to the list of classes Danny and I show in. Right now he's coming along so nicely, and Western Riding was one of my favorite classes with my previous horse. Overall, my goal for the 2017 show season would be to further my skills as a rider and continue to come together more as a team with Danny.

Apart from riding and showing, I hope to make it in to nursing school here very shortly. I completed all my prerequisite classes required for the programs I have been looking at. I also worked as a certified nursing assistant this past year at an assisted living facility where I helped the elderly with activities of daily living to get my foot in the world of nursing. Ideally, I would like to stay local for school so I can continue riding and showing Danny into my amateur years.





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