2016 Amateur Year End Award Requirements

Important information for amateurs for 2016!

As many of you know, the Amateur club is working hard to fund saddles as well as lots of other great prizes for our year end awards program. We need your help to continue this great tradition. You can meet your year-end award requirements by doing any of the following activities during this show season.

  1. Obtaining a buckle sponsor for the Youth Scholarship Show or sponsoring a class yourself.
  2. Bringing an auction basket for our silent auction held at The Emerald.
  3. Working 4 hours at one of our shows or the annual trail ride.

If you are planning on providing a basket for the amateur silent auction, Kelsiana Marshall volunteered to organize and implement the auction this year and will be sending information to our members soon. She can be contacted at 360 801 3495 or at kelsiana3@comcast.net if you have any questions!  

Tami Jennings will be keeping track of activities completed toward year-end awards requirements. Please keep her up to date on what you have done by e-mailing her at tami1965.tj@gmail.com or catching up with her at The Trophy Circuit or The Emerald.

All info regarding completion of activities for year –end awards must be to Tami by September 11th, the last day of The Emerald, in order to qualify. A list of people who have fulfilled their requirements for year end awards will be sent to members after the Region 1/Scholarhip show.Thanks and best of luck to all of our exhibitors this year!!

** Saddles are awarded for the all-around highpoint Amateur, Select, and Novice Amateur.  You must compete in three AQHA categories and all of your total points at WSQHA shows will count towards year end highpoint.

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